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CONnie's own allegations page, show only 3 things she claims are false.  They are issues her own constituents brought up as a concern before and during this campaign, which she absolutely refused to answer.  So not only is she calling me a liar, but she's also claiming that her constituents are liars.  She was asked about the Health Clinic, and the widening of 41st Street.  Magically, she now has explanation.  This person would take credit for the potholes in the street if it won her a vote.

Here are a few of the other allegations I've made that she can't and doesn't dispute:

She doesn't dispute my claims about the fire station she's been taking FULL credit for with this mailer, nor her lack of real funding to the District.  CLAIMING you never took full credit counters the implication of this mailer.  It's obvious her intent is to take full credit.  8th out of 9 Districts in street funding.  She loves this number $25M to impress those who don't know better.




















She doesn't dispute her failures to communicate with her constituents during the pandemic.

She doesn't dispute her allowance of the District to fall into dilapidation by fighting for meaningful investment by the City.

She doesn't dispute her refusal to participate in a campaign where her seat is being challenged, and that she's strictly running on her endorsements.

DON'T FALL FOR THE conNIE DODSON!  Take your District back from the failed past.

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