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During the last election cycle (2020), Ms. Dodson refused to publicly debate or answer to those she sought to continue representing.  She even refused to respond to requests via certified mail.  Instead of entertaining vigorous debate, she called anyone who challenged her seat a bully, and tried to imply herself as some sort of political combat victim.  Ms. Dodson uses our first responders as props and political mic drops during sessions.  She has also been seen wearing Tulsa Fire Department T-shirts during media interviews as well.  Is she, or was she or her husband a Tulsa Firefighter?

Her strategies:

  • Present hereself as a professional, non-confrontational, and thoughtful Councilor.

  • Create misinformation and false claims against her opponents.

  • Use fake social media personas to do her dirty work through social media platforms, then issue statements to distance herself from them, or plead ignorance.

  • Distance herself from failures or questionable outcomes by her constituents by claiming ignorance.

  • Take full credit when citizens applaud positives.

  • Use Tulsa's police and fire departments as props and mic drops by mentioning them at every possible avail.

  • Parade City of Tulsa employees to deflect failure to provide any type of leadership.

  • HIDE during COVID and reappear at election time!

1.  Use of her husband Darby Richard Dodson, who uses the moniker "Coach" on Nextdoor app.  All of this, so that Connie doesn't have to do the dirty work.  Go on Nextdoor app, and look at "Coach"'s behavior.  It comes from the same house.  He unabashedly insults voters.  Sorry, but you can't claim stupidity as a Councilor that your own spouse is out here bashing and insulting voters on your behalf without your knowledge, and then make claim that you don't participate in that behavior.





















2.  Donald Miller has been one that they've been using to attack candidates.  Conversation Catoosa, FOP, and multiple other pages on Facebook.  Donald Miller is NOT a registered voter in District 6.  Connie and her husband use this persona so they can openly and egregiously without restraint, attack those who don't support her.   Ms. Dodson herself CLAIMED she doesn't know him, but "Donald" says she does.








How do you endorse someone when you're not a registered voter under the profile you're posting under?  Because it's the DODSON's!!



How does this person know who does what?  Because again, only a person familiar with the roles and responsibilities would.
















No one has met Donald Miller.  I tried to meet this person.  You won't meet them, because they don't legitimately exist.  Yet again, speaking firsthand in what the Councilor would know.  He bluffs, because there is no intent to meet.

Why would the City Planning Office talk to him about something he has nothing to do with?

3.  Make claims, and statements that are closed to public comment, to maintain her fake and false perception as a "professional".  The voter doesn't get an input.  She has zero respect for the voters.  She strategically comes out of the shadows to insult the intelligence of everyone by trying to distance herself from the work she and her henchmen have been doing with false and fake profiles.  You don't have to get into a war when your husband does it for you.

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