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The Tulsa World Q&A

The Tulsa World submitted questions to candidates for their submission to the public.  While the Tulsa World indicated they asked 11 identical questions, here are the 15 that were asked and the full text submitted prior to their editing.

Direct copy and paste of questions in email from TW:

Candidate's name:

·         Age:

·         Occupation:

Why are you running for City Council?


  What is the biggest challenge facing the city, and what do you think should be done to address it?


                 3) What are the two biggest challenges your district is facing, and what do you believe should be done to address them  (please be specific)?

           4)   Why do you believe you are your district's best candidate for City Council?

            5)  Name one infrastructure project you would advocate for in your district that is not streets related? Briefly explain why?

           6) Do you believe the Police Department should have any kind of independent oversight? Please explain your answer.

            7) The city is facing a shortage of affordable housing. Do you think it is city government's responsibility to ensure that Tulsa has enough affordable housing units? If so, what should the city do to accomplish that?

            8) To help address problems associated with the city's homeless population, Mayor G.T. Bynum has proposed a city ordinance that would give the police the authority, after first providing a warning, to arrest individuals who  are obstructing a public right of way - including individuals blocking sidewalks in front of businesses - and subject them to fines and possible jail time.

If elected to the City Council, would you vote for or against the proposal? Why?

           9) If local health care officials, such as hospital administrators or the Tulsa County Health Department, recommended that the city implement a mask mandate to combat COVID-19, or a variant of the disease, would you support implementing a mask mandate? Why?

            10) Name one city department you believe should receive more funding and describe how those funds should be spent?

            11) Where is the city lagging when it comes to economic development, and what should the city do about it?

            12) When voting on rezoning requests, how do you balance the property owner's interest with that of surrounding property owners, as well as with the broader interests of the city as expressed through the city's comprehensive development plan?

13)  Do you believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen?

14) Do you believe Joe Biden is the duly elected president of the United States?

15) How long have you lived in the district you are running to represent?

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